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How to order the shoes.

1 choose the design.

If you want ZWART's shoes,you can choose your favorite design from the products listed on this site.We hope that you will find your favorite shose there.

2 contact us.

ZWART's shoes order made for you!!!

We need to contact to you,Because we have to do the meeting and the consulting.Then we make shoes ,so please contact us and make a reservation.



3 meet us.
4 We will make
              your shoes.

The meeting is conducted in Tokyo.Let's decided the location together!

We are meeting in a rental conference room,or a cafe with private room,because we have to check the size and shape of your feet.

When you come to the meeting,we want you to feel like you are meeting your friends.

We are looking forward to speaking with you!!!

ZWART's shoes are order made for you!!!

The progress to make your individual pair of shoes usually takes up to three months,but we hope you will be looking foward until you finally receive it.

We feel resposible to fix your shoes any time,so if you have any trouble or requests,please let us know! We hope to help you any time.

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