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ZWART's concept     we have our 8 beliefs

9cm of high-heel

9cm of high-heel are the most beautiful.They make your legs looking longer and thinner.

Design and function

                     go together

Comfort of feet and design of Avant-garde can be compatible.

No fashion

We don't go with the mainstream, but create a distinctive and timeless shoe.

We want to choose what they are like rather than being influenced by fashion.

Fashion < Individuality
Shoes which excite people

We are creating shoes you will instantly fall in love with and be crazy about to wear. 


All products we use are high quality materials.

The shoes are made from real calf leather,

so they are very  soft and thin with a fine texture.


No compromise at all

We at ZWART believe that the fine details make 

the difference.

Material,Design,Foot comfort,and package...are all important to us.

The shoes  you want to wear all your life.

We would like you to enjoy your favorite shoes all your life,so we are eager to create a shoe that meets your high standards and offer after care for your shoes whenever neccessary.


order-made for you

zwart's shoes are order-made for you.

Because everyone is different in shape and size.

So we want to make shoes which fit each individual's foot and make you feel comfortable  and fashionable at the same time.

only one
NO mass production

The shoes should fit the foot of every person.



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