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                           HEEL DESIGN

ZWART's inspired by Dutch architecture and design, so the designs,just like the brand,have Dutch names.

Druif  series


"Druft" means grape in Dutch.

Because the heel resembles the simple shape of balls and reminds of the shape of grapes,we called this design"Druif".




Why is the price of the shoes of ZWART high?


Because all shoes are made in Japan by Japanese craftmen.

And the materials are chosen carefully.

 We also have confidence in the comfort of our shoes,

and hope you will feel the high quality.




Gebed series


"Gebed" means prayer in Dutch.

The design is inspired by Japanese paper cranes. Paper craves are made with the strong wish that a sick person will recover,so the design is called"prayer".

The form looks sharp,but It's made from a soft material,

so don't hesitate to try and.

NEW white heel is coming soon!!


A white heel hit the streets for the first time.

Don't miss it !!

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